Routes for Cyclists

Welcome to the Active Transportation and Safety Committee Guide to Commuter Routes for Cyclists.

These suggested routes are for experienced level cyclists. Also note that these routes are often busy during morning and evening commute hours. Consider your level of cycling experience when cycling during commute hours.

If you discover errors or have ideas for improvements, please leave a message using the Active Transportation and Safety Committee comment form. The following lists all the origins and destinations. To use this guide select an origin from the left most column and a destination from the top most row. At the intersection, click on:

  • TwM - for a page with text describing the route and a map of the route.
  • Those with an Asterisk - Not yet available.
  • Those with 3 Dashes - Origin and destination are same.

Note: The current maps are hand drawn. Standard GIS maps are still under construction. See links below for general street maps.

For route, Route is used rather than Route period, e.g. Route 135 rather than Route 135

For routes that lead into other towns, a landmark or point of interest is listed as a terminus.

From some parts of Westborough, and depending on your preferences, the MBTA station in Southborough, or the MBTA station in Grafton, may be a better commute. For ideas on routes to the Southborough MBTA station, see routes to Flanders Road. For ideas on routes to the Grafton MBTA station, see routes to Nourse Street. Also see routes 10A and 6A.

The map (click here) may be useful for viewing streets in Westborough and surrounding towns. Click on "Maps" in the upper left corner and in the drop down for base, choose "OpenStreetMap". Also, you can shrink the choice boxes, by clicking on the "x" in the upper right corner of each box.

Another map, at the town website, that may be useful is the Westborough Street Map (2014) (PDF).

Using the satellite view or street view, at Google maps, and zooming in at a particular intersection may be helpful.

Note that road construction / repair often occurs and some details of a street or an intersection may have changed since any of the above maps have been updated.

Additional information about biking in and around Westborough may be found on the Active Transportation and Safety Committee main page. Download the Routes for Cyclists Maps (PDF).