MA Medal of Fidelity

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 33 as appearing in the 2018 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after 67A the following section: 67B. There shall be a Massachusetts Medal of Fidelity to be presented to the Next of Kin of service members or veterans from the Commonwealth who died as the result of either: (i) combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder, or other disorder approved by the Adjutant General; (ii) condition resulting from a service connected traumatic brain injury or (iii) a combat connected disease, condition or injury related to the exposure to harmful toxins, herbicides, agents or materials, where the exposure occurred while serving in the armed forces of the united States, active or reserve components, or the Massachusetts National Guard. A service member must have entered military service or state active duty from the Commonwealth, have been a resident of the Commonwealth at the time of death, or have been a member of the Massachusetts National Guard at the time of death. To be eligible, a service member or veteran must have served after December 6, 1941. The Adjutant General or designee, and 2 field grade officers of the armed forces of the Commonwealth, detailed by the Commander-In-Chief shall constitute a commission to make recommendations to the Commander-In-Chief for the awarding of the Massachusetts Medal of Fidelity.

Some Examples of Eligibility for the Medal of Fidelity are deaths caused by:

  1. Agent Orange
  2. Blue Water Exposure
  3. Burn Pit Exposure
  4. Exposure to any Chemical, Biological, Radiological Agent or Pollutant
  5. Oil Fire Exposure 6. 9/11 Ground Zero Recovery
  6. Radiation Producing Equipment
  7. Asbestos Exposure
  8. Combat Related Mental Illness (PTSD)

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