Emergency Assistance Shelter (Sharp Building)

The Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC) is currently planning to use the Sharp Building, located at 288 Lyman Street, as an Emergency Assistance (EA) shelter for homeless families. Town officials are working with EOHLC to gain an understanding of the Town’s role in supporting the State’s goals for the shelter as well as the impact it may have on existing local services.

EOHLC currently has approximately 3,600 shelter units across the state, nearly all of which are currently occupied. While DHCD is seeking to expand its portfolio of more traditional shelter settings – including opening a shelter at Salem State University - the agency has needed to use motels/hotels more frequently, including two Extended Stays in Westborough, though this is not a desirable option for families. As a result, EOHLC has been working with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to renovate and repurpose the Sharp Building in Westborough into an EA shelter.

For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions related to this project.